7 Must-Visit Places in Varaždin – A Helpful List Guide


If you plan a trip to Varaždin, these are the places you must visit to get the full picture of this beautiful Croatian town.

Some places will be slightly outside of the town, but it’s actually pretty close to Varaždin, so it won’t be a hustle to get there.

1. Varaždin Old Town

varazdin old town, castle

The number one thing you should visit in Varaždin is, of course, its old town. It’s a beautiful fortress built from 12th to 19th century.

Inside the fortress, there’s now a City Museum of Varaždin, which will be extremely interesting to you, especially if you’re interested in politics or literature.

Varaždin’s old town is pretty small, and you’ll be able to thoroughly explore it in just a few hours, so I recommend spending some quality time there and learning about Varaždin and Croatia’s history a little bit.

2. The Baroque Core

varazdin baroque core

Varaždin was mostly built in baroque times, and you can expect that baroque look of buildings.

I highly recommend slowly walking in the city core and explore all the interesting buildings – each one has a different story.

I highly suggest paying specific attention to the Drašković Palace, where even a Croatian Parliament was in session 250 years ago.

Some other popular palaces that I recommend visiting are Patačić, Erdody, Keglević, and Tomassi. After seeing them, you’ll quickly realize why Varaždin was often called a “Small Wien.”

3. The City Corso

city corso varazdin

If you’re someone who enjoys drinking coffee earlier in the mornings (I do), I highly suggest going to the city corso and having your coffee over there.

Whenever I go to Varaždin (or any other beautiful city, to be honest), going to the city corso and enjoying the morning coffee is one of the top things to do on my list (but I’m Croatian, so it’s typical for us, hehe).

The corso is located on the square of King Tomislav, where you can also see the city hall, which is one of the oldest in Europe.

In addition to drinking coffee, if you happen to visit Varaždin on Saturday, you will be able to see the shift change of city guards, known as Purgari.

4. Varaždin City Lake and HE Čakovec

If you happen to visit Varaždin during summer, I highly suggest visiting Varaždin Lake and having a bath there. It’s a popular location for swimming and fishing amongst locals.

Varaždin Lake is an accumulative lake made on the river Drava specifically for the needs of HE Čakovec (hydropower plant).

Varaždin Aquacity can be considered as a part of the Varaždin Lake, and I highly suggest swimming there if you’re into that.

5. Castle Trakošćan

Trakoscan Castle

While Castle Trakošćan isn’t located directly in Varaždin, it’s a 20-minute ride from Varaždin and should be on the list of every Varaždin visitor (IMHO).

It’s one of the best-looking and most popular castles in Croatia, known for its specific location (a small and beautiful Trakoscan lake).

It was made in the late 13th century, and as of today, it has been extremely well taken care of, so it’s in perfect condition.

Inside the Trakošćan Castle, you’ll also be able to see some museums about Croatian history and many interesting stories about the owners of the Trakošćan Castle.

And even if you’re not into history, I highly suggest visiting Trakošćan because of a beautiful building, but also the nature around it. Everything seems so perfect when you get there.

6. Museum of Angels

If you’re into religion (and even if you’re not), I highly suggest visiting the Museum of Angels in Varaždin.

In this interesting museum, you’ll be able to find various art related to angels. And not only art, but you can also expect interesting concerts and shows there as well.

And if you want to purchase some souvenirs, this is the place I recommend, especially if you’re an art lover.

7. Museum of Old Timers and Old Equipment

While you won’t see a recommendation for this museum on many other websites, I had to share this museum because I’m a big fan of old-timers, and I’m sure some of you are as well.

Inside the museum, you’ll mainly be able to see old bycicles and motorcycles, especially the ones made in Ex Yugoslavia. If you’re into that, you don’t want to miss this spot!

But of course, besides the ones mentioned above, you can find old radios, sewing machines, and many other old equipment that was typically used in Croatia and surrounding countries in the past.

And if you don’t know when to visit Varaždin, check out my guide on the best time to visit Varaždin.

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