Top 5 Movies and Series Filmed in Dubrovnik

fortress lovvrijenac dubrovnik, view from distance

You know, when I mention movies in Dubrovnik, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Maybe it’s the daunting walls of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones or the star-studded streets of Canto Bight from Star Wars.

As a local, it’s always a thrill to see my beloved city taking center stage in some of the biggest film and TV productions out there.

Popular Movies Recorded in Dubrovnik

I’ll mention the most popular movies only. Of course, not all the scenes were recorded in Dubrovnik, but we’re still proud of those as well. Also, there are some other movies and shows recorded here, but they’re not very popular, so I’ll keep them for some other posts.

5. Knightfall

Knightfall,” a series that recounts the tumultuous history of the Knights Templar, was a visual feast that we locals got to witness firsthand. It felt like the city had been swept back to medieval times with knights wandering our streets. The show creators were deeply enamored by Dubrovnik’s Gothic architecture, which served as an ideal canvas for this epic historical drama.

As a resident, I remember how the film crew meticulously transformed Dubrovnik’s Old Town into the series’ various settings. Seeing medieval tents pitched in familiar places, knights clad in armor, and filming equipment all around was nothing short of surreal. The show not only showcased our city’s architectural beauty but also its ability to reflect different historical periods with authenticity.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe reaching every corner of the globe, Dubrovnik found its spot on the map in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“. It was exhilarating to see familiar buildings and streets showcased in a blockbuster superhero film. I remember spotting places I walk by every day cleverly blended into the movie’s storyline, contributing to the film’s global tapestry.

What surprised me most was the seamless incorporation of our city into the film’s narrative. Whether it was a thrilling chase sequence or a quieter character moment, Dubrovnik held its own. It was clear that our city’s unique aesthetics had captured the filmmakers’ imagination, offering a perfect mix of history and cinematic charm.

3. Robin Hood

Robin Hood” (2018) brought a different kind of excitement to Dubrovnik. Despite the film’s mixed reviews, it was thrilling to see our city transformed into 12th-century Nottingham. The use of the city’s fortresses and aged stone streets gave Robin Hood’s adventures a distinct, authentic feel that only Dubrovnik could provide.

The city bustled with action sequences and horse chases, bringing a level of energy to the city that was captivating to experience. Even now, years later, you can still hear locals sharing stories about the sights and sounds of “Robin Hood” being filmed, from the cascading arrows to the clatter of swords.

2. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

The day “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” came to Dubrovnik is a day I won’t forget. The city buzzed with excitement as streets were transformed into the glitzy, alien world of Canto Bight. It was surreal to watch the historic city morph into a high-tech, interstellar playground.

The fact that our humble city could double as an alien world in one of the biggest film franchises of all time is a testament to Dubrovnik’s unique charm and versatility. It’s a thrill to be part of such a cinematic legacy and witness our local landscapes beamed onto screens worldwide.

1. Game of Thrones

And now, the crown jewel, “Game of Thrones”. When Dubrovnik became King’s Landing, it was like living in a dream. Seeing the show’s characters navigate Dubrovnik’s narrow streets, climb its fortresses, and scheme in its palaces made us locals feel like part of the series’ intricate plot.

The series was a turning point for Dubrovnik, attracting a wave of tourists wanting to walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters. “Game of Thrones” tours became a common sight, with fans flocking to experience the real-world King’s Landing. But for us locals, it wasn’t just about tourism – it was about our city playing a starring role in one of the most beloved TV shows of all time.

Why Is Dubrovnik a Popular Location for Movie Makers?

So, you might ask, why is Dubrovnik a magnet for these big-budget productions? Well, it’s a mix of our well-preserved medieval architecture, stunning Adriatic Sea backdrop, and generous filming incentives offered by Croatia. Plus, we’ve got a bit of magic in the air. No, really!

The city’s diverse locations can morph into anything, from medieval castles to alien worlds. One moment you’re in Nottingham; next, you’re in the Star Wars universe. Then, you’re back in the middle ages. Dubrovnik is like a chameleon, perfectly adapting to the creative needs of filmmakers.

Plus, it’s not just about the locations. We, locals, are known for our hospitality and are always excited to see our city in the spotlight. I guess you could say that the spirit of the city and its people also plays a part in attracting film crews.

What Did Filming Movies Bring To Dubrovnik?

The impact of film and television on Dubrovnik is undeniable. Especially due to “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars,” our city has become a global destination for fans eager to immerse themselves in their favorite fictional worlds. And honestly, it’s fascinating how the city has adapted to this interest.

Take the guided tours, for instance. Today, you can join a multitude of tours dedicated to showing you each spot where pivotal scenes were filmed. You’ll be accompanied by a guide, often a local with a wealth of knowledge about both the city and the movies or shows. They’ll take you to the exact locations, explain the significance of each one, and save you the trouble of hunting them down yourself. It’s an experience that combines the magic of cinema with the real-life charm of Dubrovnik.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about this. Some locals worry that the focus on movie-based tourism might overshadow the city’s historical and cultural significance. It’s a valid concern – after all, Dubrovnik is a city steeped in history long before it became a film star. They fear the narrative might shift from our rich past to our cinematic present.

However, as a resident, I believe that movie filming has brought more good than harm to our city. Sure, it’s sparked changes, but it’s also shone a spotlight on Dubrovnik like never before. Our city’s beauty and allure have been broadcasted globally, drawing in tourists who may not have considered visiting otherwise.

And once they’re here, they get to experience everything Dubrovnik has to offer – from its film locations to its historical sites. It’s a blend of old and new, history and fantasy, and in my opinion, it only adds to the city’s charm and appeal.

Bottom Line

Dubrovnik, with its rich history and stunning visuals, has found its way into the hearts of moviemakers and audiences alike. It’s not just a city but a versatile film set, a character that brings an extra layer of authenticity to every story.

Living here, it’s like being on a never-ending movie set. From “Game of Thrones” to “Star Wars”, our city has become a storyteller, crafting unforgettable visuals and backdrops. If you ever get a chance to visit, who knows? You might just stumble upon the set of your favorite movie.

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