How To Spend a Day in Vukovar: The Best Itinerary

street in center of Vukovar, croatia

This comprehensive guide will take you through an unforgettable day trip to Vukovar, revealing its best sights, attractions, and culinary delights.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a foodie, or a sunset chaser, Vukovar promises a unique blend of experiences that will leave you captivated. So, let’s embark on this journey and discover the charm of Vukovar together.

Morning Explorations in Vukovar

vukovar in the morning

Begin your day in Vukovar by immersing yourself in the city’s rich history. Visit the poignant Ovčara Memorial, step back in time at the Vučedol Museum, pay respects at the Memorial Cemetery, and uncover stories of resilience at the Hospital Museum.

Each of these significant landmarks offers a unique glimpse into Vukovar’s past and its enduring spirit.

Visit the Ovčara Memorial Center

Just a short drive from Vukovar, the Ovčara Memorial Center stands as a poignant reminder of the Croatian War of Independence’s darkest days. Once a farm, Ovčara was transformed into a prison camp in 1991, where over 260 Croatian defenders and civilians were subjected to brutalities and, ultimately, a mass execution.

Today, the converted hangar serves as a memorial, preserving the memory of the victims and bearing witness to the atrocities committed.

Journey Through Time at the Vučedol Culture Museum

On your way back from Ovčara, make a stop at the Vučedol Culture Museum. Established in 2013, this national museum offers a deep dive into the significant Vučedol culture of the Eneolithic period. Spread across 19 rooms, the museum showcases the lifestyle, achievements, and profound influence of this ancient culture on modern Europe.

From geology and agriculture to religion and metallurgy, the exhibits cover a wide range of themes. Don’t miss the Vučedol Dove, a renowned ceramic vessel from the 3rd millennium BC, which has become a symbol of the Vučedol culture.

Paying Respects at the Memorial Cemetery of Homeland War Victims

Just a few miles away from Vučedol, on your way back to town, you’ll find the Memorial Cemetery of Homeland War Victims. This place isn’t just a cemetery, it’s a powerful symbol of the sacrifices made during the Homeland War. It’s the largest mass grave in Croatia and Europe since World War II, and it’s a place that will leave a lasting impression.

This is a place of remembrance and respect, a place to pause and reflect on the tragic period in Croatian history. So take a moment, pay your respects, and remember the lives that were lost.

Uncovering Stories of Survival at the Vukovar Hospital Museum

Our last stop for the morning is the Vukovar Hospital Museum. This isn’t your typical museum – it’s a place that tells a story of resilience and survival during the Croatian War of Independence.

The hospital also marks a dark day in history. On November 20, 1991, over 260 people were taken from there by the Yugoslav People’s Army. Many of them were killed, and some are still unaccounted for. It’s a chilling reminder of the brutalities of war and the disregard for international humanitarian law.

Today, the hospital’s basement is a museum. It offers a multimedia presentation about the hospital during the siege and a faithful reconstruction of the basement. It’s a place that will leave you with a deeper understanding of Vukovar’s past.

Take a Break: Savoring Vukovar’s Cuisine

After a morning filled with history and remembrance, it’s time to refuel and taste the local flavors of Vukovar.

Head back to the city center and make your way to Stari Toranj, a fantastic restaurant that’s a local favorite. This place is more than just a restaurant – it’s a culinary experience that brings together delicious food, friendly staff, and affordable prices.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Croatian dishes or looking to try something new, Stari Toranj has got you covered. And let me tell you, the ćevapi here are simply out of this world! So, sit back, relax, and savor the delightful cuisine of Vukovar. You’ve earned it!

Afternoon Adventures in Vukovar

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With a full belly and renewed energy, it’s time to continue our exploration of Vukovar. The afternoon promises a mix of culture, history, and scenic beauty that will make your day in this Croatian gem even more memorable.

Exploring the Eltz Castle and Museum

Just a short walk from Stari Toranj, you’ll find the Eltz Castle, a beautiful baroque-classicist gem on the banks of the Danube. Built in 1749, this castle tells a tale of Vukovar’s rich history, resilience, and restoration. Despite being heavily damaged during the war in 1991, it has been lovingly restored and now houses the Vukovar City Museum.

In the museum, you’ll get a better understanding of Vukovar and its people through history. From clothes they were wearing, dishes, weapons, architecture, and more.

Strolling Through the Baroque City Center

Fresh from the historical journey at Eltz Castle, let’s continue our adventure by strolling through Vukovar’s Baroque city center. This part of town is a charming blend of the old and the new, with a modern main square surrounded by buildings that whisper tales from the Baroque era.

As you wander the streets, you’ll be captivated by the architectural details and the sense of history that permeates every corner. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the rhythm of life in Vukovar.

Visiting the White Cross (Central Cross)

Our next stop is the White Cross, or Bijeli križ, a towering monument located at the confluence of the Vuka River and the Danube.

This peaceful spot is not just a place of remembrance for those who fought for a free and independent Croatia but also a serene location for a few quiet prayers. The cross itself, made of white stone and standing at an impressive 9.5 meters tall, is a sight to behold.

Plus, from here, you can capture stunning views of the Danube River and the city center. Whether you’re looking for a moment of spiritual reflection, the perfect snapshot of your day in Vukovar, or both, the White Cross is a must-visit.

Journey to Borovo Naselje

Next, we’re heading to the neighborhood of Borovo Naselje, about 5-6 miles away. You’ll need to hop in a car or catch a local bus for this part of the adventure. Our destination is Trpinjska cesta street, home to The Memorial Home of Croatian War Veterans and a Serbian tank.

This small museum, which you can explore in about 15 minutes, holds a significant piece of Vukovar’s history. Inside, you’ll find artifacts, photographs, and personal items that tell the story of the city’s defenders during the war. Each item carries a tale of bravery, resilience, and the spirit of Vukovar’s people.

Right next to the museum, you’ll find the Serbian tank, a stark reminder of the battles fought on this very street. This silent, still tank offers a unique photo opportunity.

Sunset at the Vukovar Water Tower

As the day starts to wind down, it’s time to head to the Vukovar Water Tower. Make sure to get there before sunset, not just for the fantastic photo opportunity but also to explore the tower itself. Inside, you’ll find memorial stairs, a memorial room, and a viewing platform, each telling a part of Vukovar’s story.

The area around the tower has been beautifully developed, featuring an amphitheater, a children’s playground, and a café. You can take a moment to relax, let the kids play, or simply enjoy a coffee while you wait for the sunset. And here’s a fun fact: on March 10, 2021, the Vukovar Water Tower officially became a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Just before the sunset, climb the top of the tower and enjoy the stunning view. Also, don’t forget to take some photos.

Nightlife in Vukovar

the bridge of friendship in vukovar

Just because the sun has set, it doesn’t mean your day in Vukovar is over. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a vibrant nightlife experience. Yes, you’ve had a long day of exploration and discovery, but hey, you’re not in this beautiful city every day. So, let’s make the most of it!

Before proceeding, I suggest you eat something again. For the evening, I suggest going to Restaurant Vrške, one of the most popular restaurants in this area. It’s next to the Danube River walkway, so it won’t be a problem visiting it.

A Walk Along the Danube Promenade

First, let’s take a leisurely stroll along the Danube Promenade. This recently renovated path is a haven for nature lovers and peace seekers.

As you walk, you’ll be greeted by the tranquil beauty of the Danube River and the gentle rustling of the leaves. It’s the perfect way to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Evening Drinks in the City Center

After your walk, it’s time to head back to the city center and enjoy a drink or two. I recommend stopping by Caffe Bar 032, one of the most popular spots in town.

With its great atmosphere and views of the city center, the Danube, and the old water tower, it’s the perfect place to relax, people-watch, and maybe even strike up a conversation with a few locals.

Here’s to a day well spent in Vukovar!


Where is Vukovar located?

Vukovar is located in eastern Croatia, at the confluence of the Vuka River and the Danube.

What is Vukovar known for?

Vukovar is known for its rich history, beautiful Baroque architecture, and as a symbol of Croatian resistance during the Croatian War of Independence.

How can I get to Vukovar?

Vukovar is accessible by road, and the nearest airports are in Osijek, Croatia, and Belgrade, Serbia. You can also come to Vukovar by the Danube River. Cruise ships from Budapest to the Black Sea stop here.

What language is spoken in Vukovar?

The official language is Croatian, but English is widely spoken among younger people.


So, there you have it – my ultimate guide on how to spend a day in Vukovar, Croatia. From the somber Ovčara Memorial Center to the breathtaking sunset at the Vukovar Water Tower, I’ve tried to cover the most significant and captivating spots that this remarkable city has to offer.

However, let’s be honest, one day isn’t enough to fully uncover every gem in Vukovar. The city is brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty, and there’s always more to discover. But if you’re pressed for time, this itinerary will ensure you experience the heart of Vukovar and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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